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Visit a woodland/park/forest. Tell how you know wildlife is present


Pen and paper, or a means to record your findings e.g iPad
Camera/camera on mobile phone


This activity will teach your Guides how to observe nature and wildlife in their natural habitats.Also, to take note of the seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter.
Work in Patrols or groups of 3 or 4 Guides.

General Notes to Leaders: make sure Guides are in an area they know and how to get back to meeting place at arranged time and that at least one member has watch. Give them some information to start their journey, native species. Remind the Guides of the Leave No Trace principles.

In advance get permission from the appropriate authorities and ask them if they have any good activities or suggestions.

Arrange a place and time to meet before you begin your nature ‘safari’

Inform your Guides what to look for, foot prints in soil, nests in trees, rabbit holes/mounds, badger setts, droppings from rabbits, foxes, sheep

How many different animals did they see trace of e.g. droppings, pine cones chewed by squirrels, nests? Can they divide them between birds and land-animals? Are they native to Ireland? Are they an endangered species?

Compare notes on different animals/birds seen or observed. Show photos and drawings. Did you record any calls/bird song? Have you recognised the animals/birds as native to Ireland? Which birds migrate for the winter? Which birds migrate to Ireland when it is winter in their country? Did you note the season?


  • conservation
  • Leave No Trace
  • outdoors
  • Wildlife

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