IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 01

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Be able to follow Leave No Trace principles when out on hikes/walks/day trips


- Chalk to mark ground
- Light ball

Scenario cards in attached file - print and use for activity

Optional: Copy of sheet included in the attached for each Brownie to colour in and discuss


This activity will teach your girls to be aware of the Leave no Trace principles.

Discuss the Leave no Trace principles with the Brownies and if possible go on a walk where these principles are put into practice.

If it is not possible to go on a walk here is an optional game:
· Give each Brownie a card with a scenario and give them a few minutes to read and understand their roles. Leaders may have to explain to the younger Brownies what they have to do. (Ideas on the sheet in the attached file but feel free to make up your own). There could be other animals, birds, walkers, joggers, birdwatchers etc. The numbered B on the bottom of the scenario cards are the recommended number of Brownies to be allocated to each).

If this activity is done outside it works better
· With chalk draw a small green (lawn) area
· Mark a bigger area around this as farmland and space for wild animals
· Mark a path through the middle of the farmland and along the edge of the green lawn type area. (Make the area for all this small enough that they have no choice but be in each other’s way but big enough that they have space to move about freely)
· Explain to the Brownies what the areas are and then tell them they cannot go outside this space. Give them 5 minutes of acting out their scenarios. Then discuss how each one felt. (Suggestions of what to ask are in the attached file)

Optional: A copy of a Leave No Trace picture for the Brownies to colour in and discuss (sample sheet in attached file)

Leave No Trace principles: www.leavenotraceschools.org/


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