IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 02

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Identify the important nutrients/food groups needed for a balanced diet. Find out more about these


- Card and/or paper
- Printer
- Laminator (for some preparation)
- Crayons or colouring pencils
- A chair for each Brownie if playing Tossed Salad game

A copy of the food pyramid and some of the activities are in the attached file.

In advance of activity you can order food pyramids (A2, A3 and A4) from www.healthpromotion.ie


This activity will teach your Brownies about healthy eating.

· Print out the activity sheets – one of each per Brownie
· Print out (and laminate, optional) the food pyramid – one per Brownie or one per Six
· Talk to the Brownies about the food pyramid

Activity 1: Give each Brownie the blank ‘Food Pyramid’ sheet and tell them to draw their favourite foods and put them in the correct spaces.

Activity 2: Give each Brownie the sheet with the drawings for ‘circling’. (If this is done too quickly they can colour the pictures).

Game 1: Tell the Brownies that they are all food items and they are moving/dancing/jumping around the room freely.
Call out the name of one of the foods e.g. Bread – The Brownies get in groups of 6; Carrots – groups of 5; Sausages – groups of 2 etc. When you call out ‘sweets’ ‘oil’ etc. – They have to make themselves as small as possible.

Game 2: Tossed Salad. Put chairs in a circle, one chair short of the number of Brownies so that you have one Brownie standing in the centre. Tell the Brownies they are salad ingredients in a salad bowl. Name the Brownies - Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, etc. so that you have at least 4 of each one. When you call out an ingredient, all the Brownies who are that ingredient have to swap seats. They are not allowed to sit back in the same chair they get out of. In the meantime the Brownie standing in the middle can take a space if she is quick. When you say TOSSED SALAD all the ingredients/Brownies swap chairs.

For the worksheets - Permission is granted to reproduce for educational, non-commercial use ©2001 Trend Enterprises, Inc. The Games are from Irish Girl Guides.

Other information and resources are avalable for free on www.healthpromotion.ie


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