IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 03

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Take part in A-wear-ness Day (tell someone at school about what you do at Brownie Guides)


- PR Materials (available from National Office)
- A-wear-ness Day poster (available in Trefoil News)
- Template for ‘What I Do at Brownies’ (in attached file)
- Pens
- Pencils
- Crayons


This activity will encourage Brownies to be proud members of Irish Girl Guides (IGG) and to spread the word about IGG amongst their friends/peers.

If possible you could visit the local schools which your Brownies attend to explain about A-wear-ness Day to the principal or alternatively distribute the A-wear-ness Day Poster to the Brownies in your Unit for them to pass on to their teacher(s) and principal.

At the meeting prior to A-wear-ness Day you will complete the ‘What I Do at Brownies’ template with the Brownies.

Have a whole Unit discussion about what different things the girls do at Brownies. You can use the questions from the template as a rough guide as to where to lead the discussion.

The Brownies will then break up into their Sixes and be given time to complete their ‘What I Do at Brownies’ template.


  • A-ware-ness Day
  • awareness
  • IGG
  • public relations
  • uniform

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