IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 06

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Help out at a Tidy Towns or environmental project


Equipment needed for project decided by your Brownies


This activity will teach your Brownies how to take part in a community project for the good of the local environment.

- Contact your local Tidy Towns group or other community groups who look after the local area and ask if there are any projects the Brownies can help out with
- Organise the project with the Brownies, arrange a time and place to meet
- Bring any necessary equipment: rubbish bags, gloves, gardening tools, paint, paint brushes etc.

Discuss the importance of keeping our local environment clean and protecting it for future generations to come.

An Taisce www.antaisce.org
Contact An Taisce as they supply equipment needed to take part in the annual An Taisce Spring Clean.


  • Brownie Challenge 2018-2019
  • community
  • Environment
  • IGG
  • outdoors

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