IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 08

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Do a tree study - bark rubbing, leaf print, measurements – height/width, whether it has suffered damage, any wildlife that lives in it


- Worksheets – (suggestions on next page) copy for each Brownie
- Pencils
- Paper for bark rubbing
- Crayons
Optional for indoors:
- Print pictures of leaves bit.ly/BrownieLeaves or in attached files


Trees are vital to the air we breathe because their leaves use sunlight and carbon dioxide to produce oxygen which, of course, we breathe. This process is called photosynthesis. Trees are in danger for a number of reasons, so we must learn to take care of them.

Leaf Hunt worksheet (in attached file):
· Take a walk around your meeting place or visit a local park
· Get the Brownies to find a leaf to match those on the leaf hunt sheet
· Ask the Brownies to take a bark rubbing but remember to Leave No Trace

Dot to Dot worksheet (in attached file):
· Divide the Brownies into relay teams
· Place a pencil and a worksheet at the far end of the room
· The Brownies run one at a time from each team and join 1 or 2 dots each, run back and the next team member goes
· When they have joined all the dots they must identify the leaf

Leaf Ladder worksheet (in attached file):
· Divide the Brownies into groups of 2 or 3
· Ask them to complete the leaf ladder naming the different leaves using the Leaf Hunt sheet
· They will reveal the hidden leaf and they must circle the correct leaf at the bottom

If you are doing this activity indoors you can print off pictures of leaves here and put them up around your hall: bit.ly/BrownieLeaves.

Worksheets - Nature Detectives www.naturedetectives.co.uk


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