IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 43

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Make a “me” flag


- Flag sized piece of paper
- Old magazines, newspapers, catalogues
- Glue
- Coloured paper
- Scissors
- Colouring pencils
- Sticks/straws for flagpole


Talk to the Brownies about different flags they know e.g. country flags, county flags, green flags at schools. Have a discussion with them about how every flag represents something very special. Explain to the Brownies that they will make their own flag to show all the things they like, things they can do etc.

1. Hand out all the craft resources.
2. The Brownies create their flag by cutting out pictures that represent themselves and sticking them on the flag.
3. They can also draw pictures of things that are special to them.
4. When the Brownies have made their flags let them stand up and explain their flag to the rest of the group.

This activity will develop the Brownie’s self-esteem through crafts.

Discuss how everyone is different and everyone likes different things and that is what makes us special and unique.


  • collage
  • craft
  • cultural diversity
  • flag
  • IGG

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