IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 44

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Take part in an activity to learn about being trustworthy


Optional: A large tree cut out of construction paper or a stick from a tree
- Paper
- Scissors
- String


This activity will teach your Brownies how to consider situations in which they can be trustworthy.

1. The Brownies cut out leaves (make a template if desired).
2. On each leaf the Brownies write ‘I can be trusted to....’ and complete the sentence as desired.
3. These leaves can be hung/stuck on the tree as appropriate.
4. Sample sentences as follows – I can be trusted to:
- return the things I borrow
- tell the truth
- find someone’s lunch money and return it to the teacher
- admit when I’ve done something wrong
- tell the shopkeeper if they give me too much change
- be on time

- What does honesty mean? It means to be truthful, not to lie, cheat or steal
- Why is honesty important? Honest people are trustworthy, dependable and respected by others. Being honest is the right thing to do and it feels good
- What are the consequences of dishonesty? Losing the trust and respect of others


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