IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 45

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Visit and describe an interesting building or monument in your area


- A copy of the Activity Sheet (in attached file) for each Six
- Pencils
- Clipboards/stiff card
- Copies of Nature Books


To give the Brownies first-hand experience of Ireland’s rich archaeological heritage. One of the most commonly occurring monuments in Ireland is a graveyard (yes really!) The best way to see a monument is to see it in real life. In every parish there is probably at least one historic graveyard.

They are an important and accessible source of information on local history. Remember graveyards should be treated with care and respect. If there are people visiting graves in the graveyard it is important that they are not disturbed by the Brownies.

At the graveyard allow the Brownies a few minutes to explore. Then gather them together and discuss what they have observed and ask each Six to fill in the first part of the Activity Sheet. This discussion can take the form of a question and answer session led by the questions in the Activity Sheet. The questions are designed to enable the Leader and Brownies to discuss the monument in a sequential manner that is brief and to the point! The recommended time for this session is ten to fifteen minutes.

Now send each Six off to complete the second part of the work sheet. The Brownies reassemble after a set time. Each Six presents a verbal report on their findings. To finish off your visit you could take some gravestone rubbings, check for uninscribed gravestones or see who finds the oldest headstone. When leaving the monument remember to ‘Leave No Trace’.

If the graveyard is old, you could talk to the Brownies about what life was like when the graveyard first opened. Is there anyone famous buried there?

Archaeology in the Classroom, choose Module 11 www.itsabouttime.ie/teachers/resources.aspx


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