IGG DISCOVER: Now you’re a Ladybird Guide 07

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Know how to apply a plaster or bandage


Plasters, Bandages


Use a teddy/doll for the Ladybirds to practice when a plaster/bandage is needed and how to apply it.

• All the Ladybirds bring their favourite teddies/dolls to the meeting
• Explain to the Ladybirds that today all the teddies/dolls need a plaster for their knee or elbow
• First have a group discussion about what might have happened to the teddies/dolls to need a plaster. During this discussion the Leader can draw attention to times when adult help is needed or when a plaster would not be enough first aid
• The Leader will then show the Ladybirds how to open a plaster and how to put it on
• Working in pairs the Ladybirds will then practice putting plasters on their teddies/doll

The Leader will again explain to the Ladybirds that plasters can only be used for small cuts and grazes and that the Ladybirds will need an adult’s help for the cleaning out of larger cuts/grazes.


  • bandage
  • first aid
  • IGG
  • Plasters

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