IGG GROW: Compulsory Challenge 01

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Plant something, take it home and watch it grow


Plastic flower pot for each Ladybird
Seeds e.g sunflower, cress
Paint (optional)
Paint brushes (optional)
Sheet of paper to stick
around the flower pot
Glue stick


The Ladybirds can plant seeds and watch them grow.

1. The Ladybirds can paint their flower pot to decorate it or decorate a page with markers and glue to the pot.
2. With the help of a Leader the pot can be filled with soil and the seeds placed inside.
3. Discuss how it should be cared for, how often it should be watered and where it should be placed.
4. The Ladybirds then take home their flower pot.

Sunflower and cress seeds are great for this activity.

Ask the Ladybirds for follow up regularly on their flower pot to see if the seeds have grown, to find out what colour the flowers are, to check that they have been watered etc.

Ask each Ladybird to take a picture and bring it to a meeting after a few weeks.


  • gardening
  • IGG
  • Plant Seeds

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