IGG GROW: Compulsory Challenge 02

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Know your address


A page for each Ladybird
Envelope for each Ladybird
Pre-printed stickers with
each Ladybird’s name and address


To teach the Ladybirds their address.

1. The Ladybirds draw a picture of where they live and colour it in on a sheet of paper.
2. Give each Ladybird an envelope.
3. Ask each Ladybird to put their picture into the envelope. They may need to fold it.
4. Ask each Ladybird if she knows her address and if yes, get her to say it aloud.
5. Give each Ladybird the sticker with their address to put on the envelope.
6. Ask the Ladybirds to ‘post’ their letters into a bag (you could use one of the Leader’s bags).

Optional: Post or give each envelope to parents or at a subsequent meeting the Leader could produce the envelopes and say they arrived.

If postcards were sent in the post ask the Ladybirds if they received them and discuss the need for an address on them.


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