IGG GROW: Compulsory Challenge 06

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Learn to care for your belongings & tidy away after activities at Ladybirds, school & home


Drawing paper
8 petals of different colours
per Ladybird
Green paper leaves
Garden sticks


Learn to care for your belongings and tidy away after activities at Ladybirds, school and home.

Each Ladybird will make a paper flower using materials listed. Ladybirds will draw or write on each petal things they can do to help care for their belongings and things they can do to help tidy away at home.

Examples: I pick up my toys, I clear the table after meals, I take out the rubbish, I load the dishwasher, I feed my pet, I clean my room, I make my bed.

Teach the Ladybirds the Tidy up Song and they can change the second line to say how they will tidy up.

Tidy up Song
(This song can be sung in rap form)

Tidy up, Goodbye, Goodbye,
Put everything back in its box,
See you soon, Goodbye, Goodbye,
And remember now, you’re a Ladybird.

Ladybirds take the flower home, do the activities listed on the flower petals and report back the following week on how they got on.

Leaders can chat with Ladybirds while they are making the flower to discuss the importance of caring for their belongings and how helpful it is to tidy up.

When they return the week after, the Ladybirds can discuss the activities they completed and explain how they were able to help their Mammy/Daddy/Teacher/Leader.


  • care
  • craft
  • IGG
  • tidying up

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