IGG GROW: Compulsory Challenge 07

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Learn basic road safety skills to include performing the Safe Cross Code song


Large sheets of paper to make into a road
Words of Safe Cross Code song (in attached file)
One red circle and one green circle for each Ladybird
Statements about road safety
Words of the


To teach the Ladybirds how to cross the road safely.

Teach the Ladybirds the Safe Cross Code song (song sheet on next page).

Get the Ladybirds to sing the Safe Cross Code and then act it out to cross the road at the right time, stopping and looking before they cross. The Leaders or Ladybirds can act as imaginary cars, people etc.

Play red light, green light. Each Ladybird sits facing the Leader and each one has a red circle and a green circle. The Leader asks questions or makes statements and if the Ladybirds thinks the answer is yes or the statement is correct, they hold up their green card. If they disagree, they hold up their red card.

Sample questions:
• When you get to the edge of the footpath, should you cross the road without stopping?
• Should you stop, look and listen when you get to the edge of the footpath?
• When your ball goes into the road, should you run after it?
• Is a zebra crossing a safe place to cross the road?
• Can you cross the road anywhere you want?
• Is playing games in the road dangerous?
• Should you cross the road from behind a bus or between parked cars?

Make sure the Ladybirds now know the Safe Cross Code, get them to repeat it again before they finish the meeting.

Song sheet on next page by Road Safety Authority.


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