IGG GROW: Compulsory Challenge 08

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Give examples of how to relate to different people and rules of polite society (Quiz)


Copy of quiz questions for each group of Ladybirds
Blank sheet for each group to write the letter A, B or C as the answer to each question


This activity will teach your Ladybirds to think about other people’s feelings.

Divide the Ladybirds into groups and explain that they all have to agree which answer they will give to each of the questions. You may need a Leader with each group to help with reading the questions out.

Question 1: You have been invited over to the President’s house for a tea party. When you sit down, what should you do with your napkin? Do you
[a] put it on your head?
[b] put it on your lap?
[c] use it to blow your nose?

Question 2
When you are a princess, you will have to meet all kinds of new people. When introducing yourself to a new person do you look at
[a] the ceiling?
[b] your hands?
[c] a person’s eyes?

Question 3
You and a bunch of princesses are hanging out talking, and suddenly you have something very important to say. Would you
[a] jump up and down waving and interrupting the person who is talking?
[b] start whispering to the person beside you?
[c] wait until the person has finished talking and then add what you have to say?

Question 4
You are with a bunch of other princesses in the park and are just about to start a game of tag when you notice another person who is looking sad and playing alone. Do you
[a] move the tag game further away?
[b] ignore them?
[c] invite them to play?

Question 5
Sometimes princesses get presents, and one day someone brings you a present that you don’t really like. Do you
[a] say “that’s not what I wanted !”?
[b] stomp off and have a hissy fit?
[c] say “Thank you” to the person who brought you the present because it was nice of them?


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