IGG GROW: Compulsory Challenge 09

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Take part in a beanbag game




The Ladybirds take part in fun beanbag games.


Beanbag Toss:
1. Set up targets (for example empty tin cans stacked in a pyramid, buckets, markings on the floor).
2. Divide the Ladybirds into teams.
3. Get the Ladybirds to hit the targets awarding 5 points for each one hit.
4. The team with the most points at the end wins.

Beanbag relay:
1. Divide the Ladybirds into teams.
2. Each Ladybird runs to one end of the room and back holding the beanbag, she passes it to the next member of her team who then runs with it until the whole team is finished.
3. The team that is finished first wins.
4. Try different variations of the game by getting the Ladybirds to walk, hop and skip with the beanbag or get them to balance the beanbag on their head while they try to hit the target.

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