IGG Guide INNOVATOR Compulsory Challenge 02 GUIDING B

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Recognise the WAGGGS World Flag and learn what each part symbolises. (Jigsaw)


Copy of World Flag for each Guide or Group


Aim: Have a group discussion about how all IGG members are also members of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) and find out what the World Flag looks like. The Guides will also make a jigsaw of the World Flag

A copy of the World Flagper group or one copy of Flag to show the Guides and ask them to draw and colour in their own flag
Find or draw an image of the World Flag
Each Guideor group cuts up the World Flag picture into jigsaw pieces. (You may want to specify a maximum number of pieces it can be cut into!)
Each piece can be marked on the back to identify the jigsaw
Place the pieces in an envelope. Swap with another Guide/group and have a go at completing their jigsaw


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