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Know how to contact the emergency services and be able to stay calm and give the correct information needed.
To help the Guides decide what an emergency is and to teach them that it is ok and important in some situations to call for help.


List of different role play scenarios (in file below)


Have a group discussion about the different emergency services and how they can be contacted.

Checklist for making an emergency call:
Try and remain calm
Dial 112 or 999. There is no charge for these calls but you should only use these numbers in an emergency
State what service you require, Fire Brigade, Ambulance or Gardaí
Provide the following:-
Your own name
The phone number you are ringing from
The address you are at
What the injury is
What happened
Don’t hang up until you are told to by the emergency services

After going through the checklist, get the Guides to act out different role plays for each of the emergency services


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