IGG Guide INNOVATOR Compulsory Challenge 07 GLOBAL AWARENESS

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Understand the need for recycling in today’s world. Have a fashion show at Guides with outfits made out of recycled materials.


Selection of scrap material, e.g. bottle lids, kitchen roll tubes, black sacks


In today’s world there is a lot of different packaging that can be used to make fashion items, e.g. bags, clothes.

Have a discussion about what materials can be recycled.

Where in our local community are the recycling banks? Can the Guides say where recycling bins are available locally and the type of materials that they take? Also do they know what they should not place in the bins?

Give each Patrol materials and an allocated time to make an outfit or ask the Guides/each Patrol to bring in recycling materials for the following week.

Allow the Guides 20 minutes to make their outfit.

Have a fashion show so each outfit can be shown to the rest of the Unit.


  • fashion show
  • IGG
  • recycled materials

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