IGG PATHFINDER: Now you're a Guide 02

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This activity will show Guides how they can quickly get from one place to another without tiring too much. Guides aim to cover 2 km in as close to 15 minutes as they can.


Stop watch (optional)


The Scout’s pace is alternate running and walking to cover distance faster without tiring as much e.g. walk 20 paces and then run 20 paces.

Position a Leader at each end of the ½ km stretch (if possible with a stop watch).

Measure ½ km distance from your starting spot.

At the start point say a short message to each pair of Guides for them to remember and tell at end point.

Guides in pairs set off at 2 minute intervals. Record time that each pair starts and finishes.

Ask each pair to relay the message they received at the start line. Compare it against the original message.

With practice see how close to 15 minutes Guides can get


  • fitness
  • IGG
  • scout\'s pace

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