IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 12

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Take part in a service project with your Brownie Guide Unit


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This activity is designed to help the Brownies to develop Guiding values e.g. to think of others before themselves and to do Good Turns.

- Raise money for a charity e.g. by:
1. Carol singing.
2. Host a coffee evening for parents/relatives.
3. Second hand book/toy sale.
4. Host an Entertainment evening – invite family and friends.

-Take part in an environmental project:
o An Taisce clean-up which takes place in Spring every year. They will provide any materials needed e.g. www.nationalspringclean.org/
o Plant a tree/flowers (if planting Spring flowers why not choose daffodils which can be sold around Daffodil Day for Cancer Care?)

- Take over a small area of garden close to where the Unit meetings take place and take responsibility for keeping it clean and well maintained

Ask your Brownies what they thought.
How did they feel?
Discuss the importance of Good Turns.


  • Brownie Challenge 2018-2019
  • charity
  • IGG
  • service project

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