IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 19

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Learn that everyone in the world is different e.g. fingerprints, different languages, different coloured skin


- Inkpad
- Paper
- Magnifying glass

Additional activity in attached file


To develop the Brownies’ sense of identity and uniqueness. This Fingerprints activity will show your Brownies that they are unique and special as individuals.

· Discuss fingerprints with the Brownies and how everybody in the whole world has a different fingerprint etc.
· Get the Brownies to use an inkpad to put their fingerprints on a sheet of paper and write their names on the back of the sheet
· Let the Brownies then move around the room exploring the different fingerprints using magnifying glasses. When they have seen them all, jumble all the fingerprints up and have a game to see who can find their own fingerprint
· You could also have everyone’s name on the wall and see if they can match the fingerprint to the name

Discuss what similarities we all have as human beings and what makes us the same e.g. our feelings. Then lead the discussion on how we are all different with our unique fingerprints. How does this make the Brownies feel? Is it important for us all to be different in some way? What would it be like if we all looked the same?

To develop an awareness that being different can be a good thing. This activity will teach your Brownies that not everyone is the same and that difference and uniqueness is a good and essential part of life. This activity can be run as a traditional relay race or alternatively the Leader can call out the name of different animals and the Brownies run when their animal name is called.
· The Brownies should be divided into groups/Sixes of 5 for a relay race
· First person in each group/Six is a Cheetah (Run)
· Second person is a Zebra (Skip)
· Third person is a Kangaroo (Jump)
· Fourth person is a Penguin (Shuffle)
· Fifth person is a Snake (Wriggle)


  • culture
  • fingerprints
  • Identity
  • IGG
  • self-esteem
  • Unique

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