IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 17 & INTEREST BADGE Brownie Water Safety Option 1

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Illustrate the Water Safety Code


- Card and/or paper
- Printer
- Laminator (optional)

Copy of Water Safety Code (in attached file)


This activity will teach your Brownies to illustrate, through mime, their knowledge of water safety at the beach.

1. Print/copy and cut out the pictures and titles on the 3 sheets in attached file.

2. Laminate the pictures (optional).

Activity 1: Give each Six a set to match the titles to the pictures.

Activity 2: Give each Six a picture and give them 10 minutes to create a mime in which all Brownies in the Six must take part. Then each Six in turn goes to the centre of the floor and performs their mime and the rest of the Sixes must guess which scenario is being mimed.

All materials downloaded from Irish Water Safety www.iws.ie

Leaflets and Educational packs are available from
Irish Water Safety
Long Walk
091 564400

Other aspects of water safety at the pool, on boats, canals and rivers etc. are also available.


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  • Water safety

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