IGG FLY: Compulsory Challenge 01

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Make a kite


One piece of A4 paper per Ladybird
Some yarn or string
Hole punch
Markers/colouring pencils


This activity will teach your girls how to make a kite.

There are photos in the attached file that show you how to make a kite.

Step 1: Gather materials (one piece of paper, a ruler, a pencil, some yarn or string, a stapler, and a hole punch).
Step 2: Fold paper in half.
Step 3: Along the folded side of your paper, measure and mark off at 6 cms (point A) and at 8 cms (point B).
Step 4: Take two corners of your paper and staple them together at point A.
Step 5: Punch a hole at point B.
Step 6: Tie a long piece of yarn through the hole you’ve just punched.
Step 7: Fly your kite on a windy day.
Step 8: Expect lots and lots of laughs, “Wows!” and running around.

Some safety tips for flying
Never fly a kite: near electric lines or poles; in the rain; near the edge of a steep hill; near traffic or trees. Do not use fishing line or wire to fly a kite. If a kite gets caught up in a tree or pole, it is best to leave it alone!


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