IGG FLY: Compulsory Challenge 03

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Help a younger Ladybird with an activity


Coloured blank card for Mother’s Day / Thank You card for each Ladybird


Ask the Ladybirds to talk about the different people who are older than them and who help them to do different things e.g. tying shoe laces, do up their coats.

Put the Ladybirds into small groups and make sure there is at least one older Ladybird in each group. You may have to split them by the length of time they have been in Ladybirds.

Say to the older Ladybirds that, if any of the younger Ladybirds in their group needs help with spelling a word when making their Thank You/Mother’s Day card, they can help them to do this. It’s important to say that they are there to help the Ladybird but not to do it for them.

Were the older Ladybirds able to help the younger Ladybirds and what did they help them with?

Another suggestion for an activity
When we play games which need more than one player to play them, if we work together, the game can be more fun for everyone. The Ladybird Guide motto is that Ladybird Guides care and share – sharing can mean sharing time with a younger Ladybird to help them to play a game.

Pair the Ladybirds into twos or threes (making sure there is at least one younger Ladybird in each group).

Come into our Garden
The Ladybirds dance around chanting “come into our garden and what shall we see.” The Leader might reply “a buzzing bee” and all the Ladybirds have to pretend they are bees or make the shape of the thing that the Leader mentions e.g. tiny ant, a tall tree, a watering can, a sunflower, a garden bench, a worm, a garden shed. For the bigger items, the Ladybirds will have to work in their groups to make these items.


  • colouring
  • craft
  • Helping others
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