IGG FLY: Compulsory Challenge 04

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Recognise the appropriate bins for your rubbish


3 empty boxes
Labels with Bin colours for your area e.g. Green, Blue, Black to stick on each of the boxes
Pictures of different items cut out of magazines etc. for recycling
Optional if can’t get pictures, Leaders could bring different samples of items for recycling


The Ladybirds will learn the importance of recycling and learn about the different items that can be recycled and which bins they should go in.

Have a discussion with the Ladybirds about the importance of recycling and why it is good for the environment.

Explain to the Ladybirds the types of rubbish that can be recycled.

Put the pictures of the items that can be recycled or the items that the Leaders have brought into the middle of the hall.

Divide the Ladybirds into 2 or 3 teams.

Explain that each Ladybird in turn has to run to the middle of the hall, pick up an item/picture, decide which bin it should go into and put it in that bin before running back to her team. The game continues until all the Ladybirds have had a turn at putting the items/pictures in each of the bins.

Take the items/pictures out of the bins and check that they are all in the right bin and explain the correct bin they should go into if they are not.


  • Environment
  • IGG
  • recycling

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