IGG FLY: Compulsory Challenge 05

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Learn about fire safety and take part in a fire drill at your Unit meeting


Copy of the rhyme in attached file for each Ladybird


This activity will help the Ladybirds understand the basic steps of fire safety

• Talk to the Ladybirds about the difference between hot and cold things, have a discussion about the fireplace at home, what safety precautions they have to take etc.
• Following the initial conversation, discuss with the Ladybirds how important it is to have a working smoke alarm in your house along with two escape plans
• Come up with two exit plans from the meeting hall with the Ladybirds. Get the Ladybirds to decide why two exits would be essential
• Read the rhyme next page to the Ladybirds
• Give each Ladybird a copy of the rhyme to colour in

A fire drill in the weeks following this meeting would be essential.

Scholastic www.scholastic.com/firesafety/pdfs/nfpa_prekk_worksheet_2.pdf


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