IGG PATHFINDER: Now you're a Guide 07

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This activity will show your Guides how to stalk and get closer to wild animals, birds etc.
It allows you to watch where they go and what they do.
It also gives you the opportunity to get some great photographs.
You must be very patient and move smoothly and quietly.


Keys, sticks, sweets or other objects for ‘treasure’

Safety note: please check in advance if any of your Guides has an allergy


Treasure Hunt
This is a fun game to help the Guides learn how to stalk. This is best played in the dark, in a hall with the lights off or outside in the schoolyard or field.

- One Guide, the ‘Guardian’, is blindfolded and sits on a chair with ‘Treasure’ underneath the chair
- The rest of the Guides become “Hunters” who are stalking the treasure
- The Leader points to the hunters in turn and they make their way as quietly as possible to try to get one piece of treasure
- If the Guardian hears a sound she tries to touch the hunter. If she touches the hunter they must return to their place, returning any treasure they may have gathered
- A new ‘Guardian’ may be chosen after a few rounds, or after a hunter has been caught

Attached is a page on different stalking moves - your leaders can show the Guides these different moves to practice during the game


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