IGG FLY: Compulsory Challenge 06

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Eat a vegetable/fruit plate


Paper plates, one for each Ladybird
Different fruits and veg, i.e. strawberries, grapes, grated carrots, grated apples, peppers, mandarin, oranges, bananas
Plastic knives
Basins of water
Tissues/baby wipes
Grater/peeler (optional, only use if carrots, apples not grated in advance)

Safety note: please check in advance if any of your Ladybirds has an allergy


Ask the Ladybirds to sit in a circle and, in turn, tell everyone else what their favourite fruit or vegetable is and see how many of them all like the same ones. Explain the importance of trying to eat 5 different types of fruit/veg every day to grow healthy and strong. Explain that they are going to make a face out of the different fruits and vegetables and put the pieces on a paper plate. They will get to eat the “face” at the end!

• Ask the Ladybirds to take a paper plate each and get them to make a face from the different fruits and vegetables
• The Ladybirds should be able to help wash and prepare some of the fruit using plastic knives
• Get them to make a face on the paper plate and they must use at least 5 different fruits and vegetables to make the face
• Adults will need to use the grater/peeler to prepare grated carrots/apples

Ladybirds could swap their healthy face plate with another Ladybird so that they get to try different fruit/vegetable to the ones they have put on their plate.


  • 5 a day
  • healthy body
  • healthy plates
  • IGG

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