IGG GROW and FLY: Choice Challenge 01

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Show how to use a landline and mobile phone in an emergency


Checklist with all information that needs to be given to emergency services
Old mobile/landline phones
List of emergency situations
Cards with 112 and NoNoNo on them
Sellotape/Blu Tack


To learn when and how to call 112 in an emergency the Ladybirds will practice what they would do if they had to contact emergency services. 112 is the pan European number and works the same as 999.

1. Have a discussion about the emergency services, who they are and what each one does.
2. Find out if the Ladybirds know the emergency phone number.
3. Talk about what an emergency is and teach them that it is very important in some situations to call for help.
4. Game 112 or NoNoNo:
• Stick cards with 112 and NoNoNo to the wall on either side of the hall
• Give the Ladybirds some examples of possible emergency situations (e.g. fire in the kitchen, their game machine stops working, Mammy or Daddy falls and can’t move) and ask the Ladybirds to decide if they should make the call or not
• If yes they should run to the 112 side of the room, if NoNoNo they run to the other side

Ask the operator for the service you require (Fire, Ambulance, Gardaí)
When the emergency service answers, tell them:
• Your own name
• The number of the phone you are ringing from
• Where you are
• What has happened
• Who is injured
• How many people need help
• Listen to the person on the other end of the phone and don’t hang up until they tell you

These activities can be repeated at a later date to ensure the Ladybirds remember what they have learned.

Pages 28-30 of Girlguiding UK Brownie Homesafety publication


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