IGG GROW and FLY: Choice Challenge 03

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Be able to identify the Fair Trade symbols on different products


Pictures of 8 different items which have the Fair Trade logo
Pictures of 8 different items which do not have the Fair
Trade logo
A4 sheet with 8 squares on it


Have a discussion with the Ladybirds about all the different people who are involved in them getting food for example the farmer, the shopkeeper.

Explain that if a product is Fair Trade it means that all the people get a fair amount of money.

Show the Ladybirds a picture of the Fair Trade logo.

• Place all the pictures of the products jumbled up at the end of the hall
• Divide the Ladybirds into 3 lines at the opposite end of the hall
• The Ladybirds will have to run one by one to the end of the hall and pick up a picture which has the Fair Trade logo on it. They then run back to their team and place the picture in an empty square on their team sheet
• The game continues until all eight squares have a picture of a Fair Trade product

Tell the Ladybirds to keep an eye out for the Fair Trade symbol over the next week when they are in the shops with their Mammy/Daddy.


  • fair trade
  • IGG
  • relay game
  • Taking turns

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