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Take part in an indoor/outdoor campfire


Campfire or candles if indoors
Guides bring their songbooks, torches and camp blankets


1.Before holding a campfire it is important to plan the evening. There are three parts to a campfire, each of which has its own role:
-Beginning –everyone should know these songs or pick them up easily (rounds, echo songs, action songs)
-Middle –here include rowdy songs, play games, do skits, stand up and move around
-End –these should be quieter songs as it’s time to calm the Guides down

2.The programme is planned so that the items coincide with the state of the fire i.e. when the fire has just been lit the people are just warming up. When the fire is at its height, the people are moving around and singing loud songs. As the fire dies down, the songs become slower and quieter.
3.The week before the campfire, tell the Guides to bring songbooks, torches and camp blankets if they have them.
4.If the campfire is outdoors make sure to check local fire restrictions and build the fire in a cleared area. Make sure to go over fire safety rules with the Guides.
5.If it’s being held indoors use candles or a replica fire to set the scene.
6.Introduce the campfire when you have total attention, don’t start until everyone is quiet and looking at you.
7.Conduct songs with big gestures that everyone can see so that everyone is coordinated.
8.Make sure the fire is completely out and cold before leaving it.


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