IGG GROW and FLY: Choice Challenge 06

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Play games to identify ways of reducing energy and water use in the home


Information sheet for Leaders on Types of Energy and how we can use them
Work sheet for each Ladybird


Ladybirds will understand how to save energy in the home.

1. Leader reads out from the list below about the different types of energy and how we use them.
2. On the worksheet handed out to each Ladybird they can draw or list the energy they use in their body each day and the energy used at home.

Information for Leaders
• We use energy to move and keep warm
• We use energy to make sounds
• We use energy to light up our homes
• We use energy to light a torch

Energy Resources:
• Sun helps grow crops and can be used over & over again without running out
• Wind moves over land and sea, moving boats & windmills and will not run out
• Oil, peat, coal and nuclear fuel will all run out
• All of the above generate electricity
• Nuclear energy is not used in Ireland

Our bodies need energy for everything we do:
• Some activities need a lot of energy, others need less
• Young people and sports people need a lot of energy while older people need less energy
• Food is the fuel that gives us energy, energy in food is measured in calories

Save energy and money at home by:
• Taking a 5 minute shower instead of a bath. Use less water and use only half the energy heating water
• Switching off lights when you do not need them
• Switching off the television, radio, stereo or computer when you are not using them
• Closing the curtains in the evening to keep in the heat
• Only boiling the water you need when boiling the kettle
• Waiting until the washing machine/ dishwasher is full before you turn them on
• Drying your clothes on the clothes line instead of in the tumble dryer

Discuss how to save energy at home


  • Energy conservation
  • Environmental awareness
  • IGG

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