what a mess Easter nests

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making a bird nest with shredded wheat/cornflakes/rice krispies and melted chocolate, with little Easter eggs in nest.


cake cases, a box of shredded wheat or rice krispies cooking chocolate, mini eggs, big bowl and spoons container to take home nest


in big mixing bowl,tip shredded wheat in and get beavers/squirrels to crush with their fingers (rem to wash hands first), or pour in the rise krispies leader puts chocolate in microwave to melt,pour onto twig like shredded wheat/rise krispies in bowl, beavers/squirrels to mix with spoon. When all mixed in each beaver/squirrel fills their cake case to make a birds nest adding 1 or 2 mini eggs on top. Leave to set (rem to place a name sticker on nests to identify) Children take home in a suitable small plastic container (in case it is still a bit sticky) Advise the beavers/squirrels to put it in the fridge to set at home (if not done so already)


  • birds
  • chocolate
  • christian
  • Decorate
  • Easter
  • edible
  • Eggs
  • follow instructions
  • Nest
  • taste

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