what a mess Easter nests

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making a bird nest with shredded wheat/cornflakes/cocopops and melted chocolate, with little Easter eggs in nest.


cake cases, a box of shredded wheat, cooking chocolate, mini eggs, big bowl and spoons


in big mixing bowl,tip shredded wheat in and get beavers to crush with their fingers (rem to wash hands first), leader puts chocolate in micro w to melt,pour onto twig like shredded wheat in bowl, beavers to mix with spoon. When all mixed in each beaver fills their cake case to make a birds nest adding 1 or 2 mini eggs on top.leave to set (rem to place a name sticker on nests to identify)


  • birds
  • chocolate
  • christian
  • Decorate
  • Easter
  • edible
  • Eggs
  • follow instructions
  • Nest
  • taste

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