IGG GROW and FLY: Choice Challenge 21

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Take part in a DicerSize meeting


Large Dice
2/3 Basketballs (or any big bouncy football)
2/3 Skipping Ropes – or one large rope could be used by the whole group and each
Ladybird takes a turn to jump in the middle


To get the Ladybirds doing circuit type exercises.

All the Ladybirds do things in one big group.

If the number of the rolled dice is

1. Everyone does one sit up.

2. Everyone bounces a basketball 2 times.

3. Everyone does 3 Squat Jumps.

4. Everyone does 4 Press ups.

5. Everyone does 5 Skips.

6. Everyone does 6 Star Jumps.

Did you have fun?
Did you realise you were exercising?
How much energy did you use?


  • exercise.keep fit,
  • healthy body
  • IGG

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