IGG GROW and FLY: Choice Challenge 22

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Make an edible campfire


Green grapes
Red grapes
Cheddar cheese slice
Mini-pretzel sticks
Carrot pieces (thinly sliced)

Safety note: please check in advance if any of your Ladybirds has an allergy


In this activity the Ladybirds will learn how to make an edible campfire.

See picture in attached file to give you an idea of how it can look.

1. To make your own edible campfire, arrange several grape halves in a circle.

2. Tear or snip a slice of Cheddar into flame shapes, then stand them, along with a few thinly sliced carrot pieces, inside the grape circle.

3. Surround the flames with broken mini pretzel-stick logs.

Recipe from the book Bean Appetit: Hip and Healthy Ways to Have Fun with Food by Shannon Payette Seip and Kelly Parthen


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