IGG GROW and FLY: Choice Challenge 26

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Go on a scavenger hunt outdoors


Packet Feathers (optional, they can be hard to find)


The Ladybirds will take part in a scavenger hunt in the local area or on a trip.

• Make a list of items you want the Ladybirds to find e.g. a leaf, a flower, a stone, an ant, a spider’s web, a bird's feather
• Get the Ladybirds to draw a picture of each item
• Bring the Ladybirds outside to look for the items
• As they find each item they draw a circle around their picture of that item

Talk to the Ladybirds about the items they found and did not find.

Why might they not have found something, e.g. there might be no flowers in the middle of winter.

Then talk to them about ‘Leave No Trace’ and why it is important not to bring the things we find home with us.


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