IGG GROW and FLY: Choice Challenge 28

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Play a game to help understand poverty and hunger


Worksheet from page 11 of IGG GAT resource pack, one per Ladybird
Plastic bags, newspapers and string (for Plastic Bag Football)
Answer sheet page 9 of IGG
GAT resource pack for Leaders


Start by asking the Ladybirds what they think it is like to be poor and/or hungry. Tell the Ladybirds they are going to play two games. The first one is called Five Foods and it’s to get them to think about what they eat every day and why they eat it e.g. was it because they were hungry or did they just want to eat it. The second game is to show how in certain countries children have to make their own games from what they can find on the streets. In Africa, children can make footballs from plastic bags as there is little or no money for them to buy toys or computer games. If these children are poor they learn to be creative with what they have to play with.

Instructions (15 minutes per game if playing the two games)
For the Five Foods Game, give each Ladybird a worksheet and ask them to write or draw a picture of five foods they ate yesterday. They need to think about each food item and put a tick in the box as to the reason they ate it e.g. they were hungry, they just wanted it. Also get them to tick whether it was healthy food or unhealthy food.

For the second game Plastic Bag Football
• Scrunch up some newspaper and make it into a tight ball, the size of a tennis ball to form the centre of the football
• Put the ball of newspaper in a plastic bag and twist the top of the ball tight
• Use the rest of the non-twisted bag to wrap round the ball again, do this until you’ve run out of bag and then tie the ends together tightly
• Keep putting the ball in more bags, twisting and tying until the ball reaches the size you want it to be
• Use a strong bag for the final layer
• Tie string to the tied ends of the last bag and wrap it around the ball in all directions, to make the ball really strong. Secure the ends with a knot

Ask the Ladybirds how they would feel if they could have only eaten one of the five foods instead of all 5 to show that this might be the case in certain countries. Ask the Ladybirds what they think the poorest countries in the world are. (Answers on page 9 of the IGG GAT Resource Pack.)


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