IGG GROW and FLY: Choice Challenge 30

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Best of Irish – Be a Tour Guide for Ireland


Blank map of Ireland image photocopied onto one side of A3 paper for each group
On reverse side of map, divide the page into 4 squares with Connaught, Leinster, Munster and Ulster at the top of each square
Optional – Print off a list of activities for children to do in Connaught, Leinster, Munster and Ulster


Start by asking if any of the Ladybirds have gone on any holidays in Ireland. If they have: where have they gone? What did they do? What did they like about it?

Explain about the different provinces of Ireland - Connaught, Leinster, Munster and Ulster and ask does anyone know the name of a county in each of these provinces e.g. Galway, Dublin, Cork and Belfast.

Optional, could link the 4 provinces of Ireland to the 4 permanent World Guiding Centres and ask the Ladybirds to come up with information about things to do in the 4 provinces of Ireland if some Guides were travelling to Ireland from Mexico, England, India and Switzerland.

Instructions (will need a Leader with each group)
Divide the Ladybirds into groups of 4 and give each group the A3 sheet and ask them to put some facts about Ireland on the front page (side with blank map of Ireland on it) e.g. What is the climate like? How many people live in Ireland? What’s the capital city of Ireland? Write or draw pictures on the map. Use this website to learn a few more facts about Ireland they can put on the map.
Eupedia.com www.eupedia.com/ireland/trivia.shtml

On the back of the map, pick some places in each of the 4 provinces. e.g. Galway, Dublin, Cork, Belfast or a place that some of the Ladybirds have been and describe it on the back of the page in each of the squares with an activity they did, what they liked about it etc.

Optional: Look at the sites below and search by province to pick a list of activities to do and print off in advance of the meeting. Ask the Ladybirds to pick from the list some of the activities to do in each province.

Ask each group to tell the other groups about the activities, facts etc. on their sheets. Did they all choose the same activities? Did some groups choose any activities that were free to do?

Discover Ireland www.discoverireland.ie/
Fundays.ie www.fundays.ie/


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