IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 30

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Be able to recognise and describe at least six different Irish birds


- One set of cards and descriptions for each Six (set of cards are in attached file)
- Laminator (optional)


This activity will help your Brownies identify some very common garden birds.

· Print/copy and cut out the pictures in the sheets next page, one set per Six (There is a sheet with answers for the Leaders too in the attached file)

· Laminate the sheets (optional)

Activity: Give each Six a set of cards. They have to match up the names of the birds with the descriptions and the pictures.

To make the activity last for a longer length of time (35/40 minutes), before laminating the pictures and description write the name of the Six on the back of each set i.e. one set for Fairies, one set for Pixies and so forth. Spread the pictures etc. on the floor at the top of the hall, face down. Line up the Brownies in their Sixes at the bottom of the hall and get them to run up and collect one card that has their Six name/emblem on it and bring it back to the Six, one Brownie at a time.


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  • native birds
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