IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 23

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Make a secret code and get another Brownie Guide to crack it


- Paper
- Pencils
- Pens
- Water paint
- Old white candles


Brownies must try to crack a code.

Spy ring:
1. In their Sixes, get the Brownies to agree a secret sign for their spy ring, this could be touching their left ear, clearing their throat, walking in a certain way or putting their hand in a pocket.
2. Throughout the meeting, the Brownies in each Six should use their own sign between each other.
3. At the same time they need to see if they can spot the other Sixes’ secret signs. Can anyone work them all out?

Secret writing
1. Using old white candles to write on white paper, Brownies can send secret messages to their friends. The message is revealed by covering the paper with a thin water paint.
2. Write a message by reversing the letters in each word, so Brownies becomes seinworB.
3. Use a code such as one included in attached file

Girlguiding UK Adventure File 3.


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