IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 24

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What does the word charity mean? Why do we need charities?


- Paper
- Pencils
- Leaflets/printouts about different organisations.

Optional: Have a list of possible ideas or ways you can help them


To encourage the Brownies to take part in, or organise, an event to help other people in their community. This activity will introduce the Brownies to the concept of charity work and the words associated with it.

· Week 1: Come up with a list of possible tasks for arranging an event to help some of the organisations that the Brownies have learned about from the leaflets/printouts
· Ensure that all of the Brownies are involved in the planning
· Encourage them to make accurate lists of the duties to be performed/items required etc.
· If possible, contact members of the organisation and invite them to visit the Unit, accept the gifts/donations the Brownies will provide and speak about their organisation

· Week 2: Allow time for the Brownies to put tasks into place and set up room as required

Some ideas might include:
· Everyone brings in a piece or two of clothing and donates them to a local charity such as St Vincent de Paul
· Bring in a tin of dog/cat food and donate to the local animal shelter
· Organise a cake/book sale to raise funds for a local charity


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