IGG GROW and FLY: Choice Challenge 34

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Do an activity to show all the things that make you happy


Markers/colouring pencils
Large sheet of paper


A simple craft to get Ladybirds to think about all of the things that make them happy.

1. Give each Ladybird a sheet of paper and ask her to draw around her hand, or ask the Ladybird next to her to help.
2. Tell the Ladybirds to think of five things that make them happy and write one on each finger/thumb.
3. Colour the hands in whatever way they like.
4. Ladybirds cut out their hand shapes. Leaders may need to help with this.
5. On the large sheet of paper draw a big circle with a smile - Ladybirds who finish early can help to colour this in.
Glue the Happiness Hands around the smiley face to create a Happiness Flower that you can hang up for everyone to see.

This activity will provide lots of opportunity to talk about things that make us happy.


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