IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 34

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Learn about safety on the farm. Find out how farm workers keep healthy and safe


- Activity sheets printed from website: agriaware.ie/digin/ as required
- Pencils
- Colours


This activity will teach your Brownies how to stay safe when a farmer is working with machinery, in the process of silage making, the planting, grubbing and harvesting of crops as well as spreading fertilizer and slurry.

In advance of your meeting, read through the Activity Sheets by following the link: agriaware.ie/digin/ and choose which ones to use at your meeting. Decide what areas you would like to cover with your Unit – read the suggested activities on the lesson plans to give you an idea on how to cover this topic.

Discuss how the Brownies stay safe on their own farms and in their own homes.

Agri Aware www.agriaware.ie
Activity sheets can be found here: agriaware.ie/digin/


  • Farm Safety
  • farmer
  • IGG
  • Tractor

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