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Take part in a Guides’ Own using songs, stories, drama, mime or music


Optional: pictures, poems, song book, books with inspirational quotes


To teach the Brownies what a Guides’ Own is i.e. it’s not a religious ceremony or a service but it’s a quiet time usually at the end of a day or weekend e.g. Pack Holiday or camp when all the Brownies can participate, regardless of their own religion, faith, beliefs.

Work in Sixes, give the Brownies a theme for the Guides’ Own, e.g. friendship, international Guiding.

A Leader will probably have to work with each Six but it’s important to just support the group and get the Brownies to decide how they want to do the Guides Own, e.g. open with a song, poem or reading. The Guides Own can take place indoors or outdoors.

Get each Six to decide when they want to run their Guides’ Own e.g. if going on a Pack Holiday or at the start of a new term in Brownies.

Additional ideas are available from the Irish Girl Guides: www.irishgirlguides.ie/images/forms/Guides%20Own%20Ideas.pdf


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