IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 37

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37. Identify some dangers around the home. Explain why you think they may be
dangerous and how to make the room safer


- Paper
- Pencils
- Colouring pencils
- Crayons
- Markers

Additional worksheets are in attached file for use with Brownies


This activity will teach your Brownies how to understand the dangers of items that may be around their house.

Talk to the Brownies about where they have to be very careful at home.

In the Kitchen: sharp knives, cleaning products, hot oven, hot hob
In the Bathroom: medicines, bottles with no labels, scissors
In the Shed: lawnmower, hedge cutters, bottles – marked and unmarked
In the Living room: gas fire, electrical flexes, windows
In the Bedroom: wlectrical flexes, windows, mobile phone/laptops
Lock doors when appropriate.

Let the Brownies in their Sixes come up with a list of rules that they think are really important in every house to keep everyone safe.
If the Brownies are younger or need more direction, you can give them titles e.g. rules for the kitchen, bathroom, playroom and/or garden shed.

Allow the Brownies to create a stay safe poster/bookmark depending on what the Leader wants to do. The finished product should contain what the girls believe are the most important rules in order to keep everyone safe at home.

The Brownies can be told to teach younger siblings/parents about the rules before the next meeting.
There are additional worksheets on next page on Safety in the Home.


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