IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 39

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Do an ‘energy audit’ at home


Worksheet (in attached file) for each Brownie


Ask the Brownies to complete the worksheets at home to see where and how changes can be made to save energy. The Detect, Now you’re a Brownie, challenge number 8, has a suggested activity on water conservation.

1. Hold a discussion with the Brownies on saving energy.
2. Choose from below: Conservation at Home or Energy Burst.
3. Give the Brownies the Energy at Home sheet to complete.

Discussion: Conservation at Home

Discuss energy saving with your Brownies – suggest some of the following tips:
· Turn off light when no one is in the room
· Do not leave computers and TVs on standby
· Do not leave mobile phone, tablets, laptops etc. plugged in when fully charged
· Taking a shower uses far less water than having a bath. If you do not have a shower, put less water in the bath
· Collect rain water to water plants, grass and trees
· Use rain water to wash your dog instead of tap water
· Collect rain water to wash the car, driveway and footpaths instead of a hose

Game: Energy Burst
Tell the Brownies you must run around when the Leader says “on” and run on the spot whenever she says “off”. Gradually introduce some other actions as well which represent different sources of energy, including:
· Hydroelectricity (Brownies could make a big swoosh like a waterfall)
· Wind power (rotate arms like a windmill and make blowing noises)
· Nuclear Power (do a star jump)
· Wave Power (everyone lines up and does a Mexican wave)
· Coal (make digging sounds)
· Solar Power (fan yourself like you’re really hot)

Ask your Brownies what they thought. How did they feel?


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