IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 40

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Go on a scavenger hunt (Nature Hunt)


Bags for each group of Brownies to put their scavenger items into

Depending on where you are meeting, you may have to place/hide items for the Brownies to find


To work together in teams of two, three or in their Sixes to find the scavenger hunt items.

Divide the Brownies either into their Sixes or smaller groups of 2/3.

Remind the Brownies of the Leave No Trace principles.

Give each group the list of items they have to find during the scavenger hunt (adapt the list depending on the age of the Brownies or length of time available) e.g.
- Pinecone
- Something that floats
- Piece of rubbish
- Flower
- Leaf larger than a playing card
- Leaf smaller than your palm
- Something that smells nice
- Nut
- Four-leaf clover
- Something yellow
- Something that starts with “B”
- Something round
- Blade of grass over 15cm long
- Feather
- Piece of bark
- Dandelion
- Twig shaped like a “Y”
- Two leaves that look identical
- Something someone left behind (e.g. tennis ball, dog toy)

Did any group manage to get everything on the list?


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