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Take part in a World Thinking Day celebration. (Life Size Girl Guide Craft)


Dove made previously ,
Song book
Pencils, scissors, colouring
pencils, markers,
Money boxes


 Have a discussion with the Guides about World Thinking Day. World Thinking Day is celebrated on 22nd February every year and is an opportunity to celebrate international friendship, learn about and take action on important issues and fundraise in support of the World Thinking Day Fund. Suggestion if there are Ladybirds and Brownies in the District/Area as well, the Guides can involve the Ladybirds and the Brownies in the ceremony by doing the activities with them.
 To do the activity below, put the Guides into their Patrols and divide the Ladybirds and Brownies between the Patrols, making sure there are Ladybirds and Brownies in each of the Guide Patrols.
 Guides get 2 Ladybirds and 2 Brownies to lie on a piece of wallpaper and get the other Ladybirds and Brownies to help the Guides to draw around them.
 Using this outline each Patrol chooses 4 foreign Girl Guides
from the list and draws in the uniform
 Colour in the uniforms
 Cut the figure out or leave it as it is. Either way you will end
up with life-size international Girl Guide!
 For the action story, suggest using the Patrol Leaders to read the story
 Finish off the ceremony with song e.g. “This little Guiding light of mine”.

Uniforms from around the world, can be found on the World Thinking

Day website:


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