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Find out about Senior Branch and the programme they follow. (Research)


A Selection from the following:
 Senior Branch Journey Planner
 IGG website
The Welly!
Trefoil News
 IGG Annual Reviews
 PR materials
 Leader Travel Guide
 The Handbook of the IGG
 Computer with internet access (if possible)


This activity will help raise the Guides’ awareness of Senior Branch and what they do. It is a great opportunity to invite local Senior Branch members to visit your Unit or to allow the older Guides to visit the local Senior Branch Unit for a meeting. This activity will vary hugely depending on whether you have access to a local Senior Branch Unit. The below instructions can be used when there are no local Units available.

 A variety of resources should be available for the Guides as they research Senior Branch. Any of the following could be used; Senior Branch Journey Planner, IGG Website, The Welly!, Trefoil News, IGG Annual Reviews, PR materials, Leader Travel Guide, Handbook of the IGG. If there is internet access available in the meeting place, the Guides should be encouraged to explore the Senior Branch section of the IGG website along with the Senior Branch Facebook page and other Senior Branch Event Facebook pages.
 Following the research the Guides should be aware of some of
the following in relation to Senior Branch.
- Senior Branch age band
- Senior Branch uniform
- Senior Branch events
- Senior Branch badges
If at all possible Senior Branch members should be involved in this activity in order for the Guides to gain an adequate level of knowledge about the Branch as a whole.


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